About Us

Started in 1982 and trading in the current location since 1992, Art Works Framers has become a fixture in the Wellington suburb of Karori.

Our main motivation is to frame every piece well. This means we don't just care about things looking good. It is our priority to frame everything in a way that guarantees the longevity of the work by using acid free materials, offering a selection of UV-filtering glasses, and framing in a way that is reversible.

Sometimes good looks and best treatment for your piece might start off on opposite ends of the spectrum, but with heaps of experience, over 1000 moulding samples, and an extensive range of acid-free mat boards we are sure to come up with a solution for your piece that will do both: look stunning while looking after it.

A lot of our framing deals with two-dimensional works on paper like watercolours, photographs, and prints. But we also love 3-dimensional items like needleworks and the maybe more unusual things like medals, sports shirts, cricket balls, baby shoes, or the dried rose from your first date.

From small postage stamps to large oil paintings we can deal with all sizes.

If it is a precious art work, an item of family memorabilia, or your child's first drawing we are confident to advise you on the framing best suited for your piece.

Opening hours:

Sunday , Monday & Tuesday -  closed

Wednesday to Friday - 9am-5.30pm

Saturday - 10am-3pm

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