Picture hanging

Always hang pictures on two picture hooks about 3 to 5cm in from the side of the frame.

That way they are more stable.

When you get your pictures back from us we supply you with nylon cord and a pair of bump-ons. What to do with the cord is obvious but not everyone knows where the bump-ons go!  Those little self-adhesive rubber dots are meant to be stuck to the bottom corners of the back of the frame. They keep the picture away from the wall, allowing air to get behind the picture and therefore help to keep moisture from building up.

If you need help in hanging your work we recommend Hamish Coleman. He is an expert in picture hanging, having extensive experience with galleries and private clients.

He can advise on the best way to hang multiple works and can deal with those difficult issues such as heavy mirrors or awkward spaces.

Hamish Coleman     Phone: 027 379 9866      Website: hcartinstallation.co.nz

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